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Most Vacation Rental Management Companies Use Some form of OTA to get as many bookings as possible. See how to attract bookings on the popular OTA

Running a vacation rental company is super cool, but if you want more folks to enjoy your amazing vacation rentals, we’ve got the lowdown for you! Here’s a guide, in simple words, on how to bring more guests through the door. Let’s dive right in!

Increase Your Bookings With These Tips

1. Show Off Your Vacation Rentals with Awesome Photos :

Imagine you’re inviting friends over. You’d tidy up, right? Well, it’s the same for your vacation rental! Take bright and clear pictures of every nook and cranny. Capture the best views and cozy corners. These pics aren’t just pictures; they’re your place’s first impression. Make it shine like a superstar!

2. Write a Fun and Short Description of Your Vacation Rentals:

You know how you tell your best friend about a cool game? Do the same for your vacation rentals! Use words that make it sound super amazing. Talk about the comfy beds, cool decorations, and all the fun stuff nearby. Keep it short and sweet. You want guests to get excited with just a quick read.

3. Keep It Clean, Keep It Green:

A tidy place is a happy place! Clean up and make everything smell and look nice. Imagine if you walked into a room that smelled like cookies – that’s the vibe you’re going for. Clean homes make guests happy, and happy guests leave awesome reviews. Plus, clean places look even better in the pictures. It’s like an extra boost for your rental!

4. Fair Prices that Wow Your Guests:

Picture this: You find a fantastic shirt, but it’s too expensive. Not fun, right? The same goes for your vacation rental. Check what others are charging around your area by using a tool like prcielabs and try to stay in the same range. Guests love a good deal, so make them say, “Wow, that’s a steal!”

5. Be Flash with Quick Responses to Guest Inquiries:

Ever text a friend and they take forever to reply? Not cool. Be the Flash of Vacation Rentals! Answer messages super fast. It shows you’re ready to help, and people love that. Quick responses make guests feel important like they’re VIPs. So, keep an eye on your unified inbox messages, and hit them back like a speedy superhero!

6. Happy Guests Mean More Guests:

Imagine this: You find an amazing ice cream shop. You tell your friends, and they tell their friends. Same thing with your vacation rentals! Encourage happy guests to leave nice reviews. Positive reviews make others trust your place. If there’s a little hiccup, fix it quickly. Happy guests are like your vacation rental’s cheerleaders, spreading the word and bringing more guests your way!

7. Special Offers for Extra Fun:

Everybody loves a little extra savings, right? Create special deals for guests who book longer stays or come back for more. Discounts, freebies, or maybe a welcome snack – make them feel special. Special offers make your vacation rentals stand out and show that you appreciate your guests. It’s like giving them a little vacation gift!

8. Highlight the Local Awesome Attractions and Venues:

Your rental isn’t just a spot; it’s part of a community. Tell guests about the cool things nearby. Parks, tasty restaurants, famous sights – be their local guide! Let them know why your vacation rentals are the best places to stay. It’s like introducing them to the cool hangout spots in the neighborhood. They’ll love it, and your place will be the talk of the town!

9. Easy-Peasy Booking on

Booking a place shouldn’t feel like solving a puzzle. Make it simple for guests. Explain everything clearly, from how to book to what happens when they arrive. Nobody likes confusion, especially on vacation. The easier it is, the happier your guests will be.

10. Use a Reliable Channel Manager for Your Vacation Rentals:

At URBooked, we reviewed and spoke to many channel managers during our development, to see what would be best for our platform as well as our clients. At URBooked, we partnered with Rentals United. They have made connecting our clients’ vacation rentals to popular OTAs like a breeze.

There you have it, Vacation Rental Managers! Follow these tips, and you’ll have more guests knocking on your door in no time. Happy hosting! 🏡✨

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