Centralized Channel Management

In the fast-paced realm of vacation rentals, handling multiple channels can swiftly transform into a logistical challenge. Balancing platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, Booking.com, and others can be both overwhelming and time-intensive, leaving you with limited resources to prioritize what truly counts – ensuring guest satisfaction and expanding your enterprise.

This is where Centralized Channel Management comes to the rescue! Picture effortlessly supervising and enhancing all your vacation rental listings through a user-friendly, unified platform. Bid farewell to constant account switching, the risk of double bookings, and the accompanying stress.

Unified Messaging Inbox

IThe art of managing vacation rentals, effective communication is paramount. Yet, managing an array of messaging platforms can swiftly become overwhelming and time-consuming for even the most seasoned professionals. Introducing the Unified Messaging System – the ultimate solution designed for vacation rental hosts and property managers seeking to conquer their messaging challenges and enhance guest communication.

Picture a world where all your vacation rental messages, whether originating from SMS, WhatsApp, email, Airbnb, Booking.com, or any other Online Travel Agency (OTA), are impeccably organized and easily accessible through a single, user-friendly platform. No more app-switching or drowning in a sea of notifications. With a Unified Messaging System, you reclaim control and efficiency in your communication workflow.

Comprehensive Trust Accounting

In the industry of vacation rental property management, precision and transparency in accounting are absolutely essential. However, the challenge of managing finances across multiple properties and platforms can be both intimidating and time-intensive. Enter Trust Accounting – the ultimate solution for property owners and managers looking to effortlessly master their accounting tasks.

Envision a world where all your vacation rental accounting is seamlessly centralized, and monthly reconciliations are truly a breeze. Trust Accounting transforms this vision into reality by providing a single, user-friendly platform to oversee all your financial transactions, expenses, and revenue streams. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and headaches – welcome effortless efficiency.

Flexible & Customizable Reporting

Success hinges on the power of data for many vacation rental management companies. To make well-informed decisions, increase revenue, and ensure the smooth operation of your rental properties, a steady supply of real-time, precise reports is essential. This is where our Comprehensive Reporting feature steps in, revolutionizing the way property managers navigate the dynamic landscape of reporting for their vacation rentals.

Envision a single, user-friendly platform that provides you with immediate, accurate insights into every facet of your vacation rental business. With our Comprehensive Reporting, you not only gain access to real-time data but also unlock the potential for tailored, extensive reporting that suits your unique requirements.

Keep Your Current Website

Staying at the forefront is essential for today’s vacation rental management companies. Allow us to introduce URB, the revolutionary platform designed to empower property managers without necessitating changes to their current websites. URB offers property managers an innovative solution – an embed code that seamlessly integrates their property listings into their existing websites.

Picture a scenario where you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds: the familiar and established web presence you’ve diligently crafted, coupled with the cutting-edge features and functionalities provided by URB to elevate your property management. With URB, there’s no need to make a difficult choice – you can have it all.

If you do not currently posess your own website, we can provide a cost-effective solution. 

Group Bookings

URBooked is a dynamic SaaS company that opens up a world of possibilities for property owners and managers alike. With flexible options catering to both single-unit properties and multi-unit portfolios, URBooked empowers you to streamline your property management tasks with ease. What truly sets URBooked apart is its seamless synchronization with Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s), ensuring that your property listings are consistently updated and visible to a global audience. Whether you’re handling a charming vacation cottage or a diverse collection of rental units with creative booking options, URBooked simplifies property management, making it a must-have tool for success in the industry.

Granular Property Control

URBooked, the trailblazing SaaS company in the vacation rental industry, empowers property owners and managers with unprecedented control and precision. With URBooked’s granular property control, users have the ability to fine-tune every intricate detail at the property level, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience for both hosts and guests. Whether it’s adjusting amenities, setting unique pricing strategies, or fine-tuning property descriptions, URBooked’s comprehensive platform places you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to optimize your listings with unrivaled granularity. Elevate your property management game with URBooked, where attention to detail makes all the difference in delivering exceptional vacation rental experiences.

Easy Rate Management

URBooked, the SaaS platform vacation rental property managers have been longing for, revolutionizes rate management with unmatched simplicity and efficiency. Through URBooked, property managers can effortlessly take control of their property rates, thanks to intuitive tools that simplify the rate management process. With the platform’s bulk edit capabilities, property managers can efficiently fine-tune rates across their entire property portfolio, ensuring competitive pricing strategies and optimizing revenue. URBooked represents the ultimate solution for property managers in search of a streamlined approach to rate management, all within a single, user-friendly platform. Elevate your property management expertise with URBooked and discover the ease of precision in rate management like never before.

Single & Multi-Unit Property Options

URBooked is a dynamic SaaS company that unlocks a realm of opportunities for property owners and managers. Offering flexible solutions tailored to single-unit properties and multi-unit portfolios alike, URBooked provides the means to effortlessly streamline your property management tasks. What distinguishes URBooked is its seamless integration with Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s), guaranteeing consistent updates and global visibility for your property listings. Whether you’re managing a quaint vacation cottage or a diverse range of rental units, URBooked simplifies property management, establishing itself as an essential tool for industry success.